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USS John C. Butler (DE-339) Destroyer Escort (1944)

Authored By Staff Writer | Last Updated: 9/5/2012
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The John C. Butler destroyer escort received five Battle Stars for her service in World War 2 and fought on in the Korean War to follow.

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Specifications for the
USS John C. Butler (DE-339)
Destroyer Escort

Country of Origin: United States
Initial Year of Service: 1944
Operators: United States

Crew: 186

Length: 306 ft (93.27 m)
Beam: 36.7 ft (11.19 m)
Draught: 9.4 ft (2.87 m)
Displacement: 1,370 tons

Machinery: 2 x Boilers with 2 x Geared steam turbines developing 12,000 shaft horsepower to 2 x shafts.

Surface Speed: 24 kts (28 mph)
Range: 6,900 miles (11,104 km)

2 x 5" (127mm) /38 deck guns (single mountings)
2 x 4 40mm anti-aircraft guns (twin mountings)
10 x 20mm anti-aircraft guns (single mountings)
3 x 21" torpedo tubes
8 x Depth charge projectors
2 x Depth charge tracks
1 x Hedgehog depth charge projector

Ship Class: John C. Butler-class
Number-in-Class: 83

Ships-in-Class: [ SHOW / HIDE ]