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Good Conduct Medal (Army) - U.S. Military Service Medals and Ribbons Identification

Details of the Good Conduct Medal (Army) service medal of the United States military.

Medal Image

Picture of the Good Conduct Medal (Army) medal

Ribbon Image

Picture of the Good Conduct Medal (Army) ribbon

Date Authorized: June 28th, 1941

Ribbon Identification Colors:

Visual Description (Ribbon):

Primarily red in color with three thin white banded lines to either ribbon edge; clasps are set onto the ribbon to denote subsequent Good Conduct awards and are distinguised by the number of knots in each clasp (one to five).

Visual Description (Medal):

Rounded bronze medal suspended from ribbon by a loop ring; American Eagle on front face with wings raised and perched atop a horizontal sword, itself placed upon a book; facing is bordered by the text "Efficiency Honor Fidelity" with each word separated by bullet point; REVERSE: Five-pointed star at center with ribbon below; ribbon area used for engraving of recipient's name; the three top-most points of the star emit rays; above the star is the text "For Good" and below the ribbon is the word "Conduct"; the left side of the medal face is bordered with a laurel branch while the right is set with an oak branch.

Award Criteria:

Awarded to service personnel for "exemplary behavior, efficiency and fidelity" while on active military service to the US government. Active National Guard Reserve elements became eligible for the award beginning September 1st, 1982.