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Army Occupation of Germany, World War 1 - U.S. Military Service Medals and Ribbons

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Medal Image

Picture of the Army Occupation of Germany, World War 1 medal

Ribbon Image

Picture of the Army Occupation of Germany, World War 1 ribbon

Date Authorized: November 21st, 1941

Ribbon Identification Colors: blue; red; white; black

Visual Description (Ribbon):

Thinner stripes are outskirts made up of blue-to-red, then thicker white stripe leading up to the thickest stripe being black at center; the edges follow the same stripe pattern emanating from the center black stripe.

Visual Description (Medal):

Rounded bronze medal; General John J. Pershing profile depicted with the figure looking left; above image are four stars signifying the grade of Commanding General of the Field Forces; the words "General John J. Pershing" are to the lower left of the figure; to the right of the figure is a laurel wreath split by a sword; on the wreath are the dates "1918" and "1923"; REVERSE: American Eagle with outstretched wings perched on Castle Ehrenbreitstein; three stars are found under the eagle/castle image; encircling the entire scene are the words "U.S. Army of Occupation of Germany".

Award Criteria:

Awarded to service personnel having servedin Germany or Austria-Hungary between the dates Novermber 12th, 1918 and July 11th, 1923.