26 Picture(s) of the LCAC (Landing Craft Air Cushion) Air Cushioned Landing Craft / Hovercraft

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Bow view of an empty LCAC
Bow view of an incoming LCAC
Bow view of a speeding LCAC
Close-up detail view of the propulsion fan on an LCAC
The lowered bow deck of the LCAC is seen to good effect
An LCAC traverses land
A US Navy ship prepares to accept an incoming LCAC
An LCAC wades aboard a US Navy ship
High angled view of a fully-loaded LCAC
The stern deck is shown to good effect in this image
An LCAC accepts cargo through its stern ramp
Overhead view of a partially loaded LCAC
An LCAC traverses dusty terrain
An LCAC on rough ground
A lowered LCAC in Haiti
US Marines disembark from an LCAC using the bow ramp
Inside the control booth of an LCAC
Inside the control center onboard an LCAC
A HUMVEE disembarks from the stern ramp of an LCAC
Overhead view of an empty LCAC at sea
An LCAC disembarks US Navy personnel
An LCAC traverses the beach
High angled view of an incoming LCAC
Bow view of an LCAC at speed
A lowered LCAC with its bow ramp lowered
An LCAC in calm waters