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  • Military Dictionary - Letter Group P

    All official U.S. DoD military terms, and their definitions, beginning with the letter P.

      pace setter
      packaged forces
      packaged petroleum product
      packup kit
      palletized load system
      palletized load system flatrack
      palletized unit load
      panel code
      panoramic camera
      parachute deployment height
      parallel chains of command
      parallel sheaf
      parallel staff
      paramilitary forces
      pararescue team
      partial mission-capable
      partial mission-capable, maintenance
      partial mission-capable, supply
      partial mobilization
      partial storage monitoring
      partisan warfare
      part number
      passage of lines
      passenger mile
      passive air defense
      passive defense
      passive homing guidance
      passive mine
      pass time
      pathfinder drop zone control
      pathfinder landing zone control
      patient movement
      patient movement items
      patient movement requirements center
      pattern bombing
      pattern laying
      payload build-up (missile and space)
      payload integration (missile and space)
      payload (missile)
      peace building
      peace enforcement
      peace operations
      peacetime force materiel assets
      peacetime force materiel requirement
      peacetime materiel consumption and losses
      peacetime operating stocks
      peak overpressure
      pecuniary liability
      pencil beam
      penetration aids
      penetration (air traffic control)
      penetration (intelligence)
      percentage clearance
      perception management
      perils of the sea
      perimeter defense
      periodic intelligence summary
      period of interest
      perishable cargo
      perishable target
      permanent echo
      permissive action link
      permissive environment
      persistent agent
      persistent surveillance
      personal effects
      personal locator beacon
      personal property
      person authorized to direct disposition of human remains
      person eligible to receive effects
      person in custody
      personnel increment number
      personnel reaction time (nuclear)
      personnel recovery
      personnel security investigation
      perspective grid
      petroleum intersectional service
      petroleum, oils and lubricants
      phase line
      phases of military government
      phonetic alphabet
      phoney minefield
      photoflash bomb
      photoflash cartridge
      photogrammetric control
      photographic coverage
      photographic intelligence
      photographic interpretation
      photographic panorama
      photographic reading
      photographic scale
      photographic strip
      photo interpretation key
      photo nadir
      physical characteristics
      physical damage assessment
      physical security
      pictorial symbolization
      Pierson-Moskowitz scale
      pilotís trace
      pinpoint photograph
      pinpoint target
      pitch angle
      plan for landing
      plan identification number
      planimetric map
      plan information capability
      planned airlift requests
      planned target (nuclear)
      planned targets
      planning and direction
      planning directive
      planning factor
      planning factors database
      planning order
      planning phase
      plan position indicator
      plant equipment
      plastic zone
      platform drop
      point defense
      point designation grid
      point of no return
      point-to-point sealift
      poised mine
      polar coordinates
      polar orbit
      polar plot
      political intelligence
      political warfare
      politico-military gaming
      port capacity
      port complex
      port designator
      port evacuation of cargoes
      port evacuation of shipping
      port of debarkation
      port of embarkation
      port of support
      port operations group
      port security
      port support activity
      positional defense
      position defense
      positive control
      positive identification and radar advisory zone
      positive phase of the shock wave
      Posse Comitatus Act
      postattack period
      posthostilities period
      poststrike reconnaissance
      power projection
      PPI gauge
      practice mine
      prearranged fire
      preassault operation
      precautionary launch
      precautionary search and rescue and/or combat search and rescue
      precipitation static
      precise frequency
      precise time
      precision approach
      precision bombing
      precision-guided munitions
      precursor chemical
      precursor front
      precursor sweeping
      predicted fire
      predominant height
      preemptive attack
      prelanding operations
      pre-launch survivability
      preliminary communications search
      preliminary demolition target
      preliminary movement schedule
      preload loading
      premature dud
      preparation fire
      preplanned air support
      preplanned mission request
      preplanned nuclear support
      pre-positioned war reserve materiel requirement, balance
      pre-positioned war reserve materiel requirement, protectable
      pre-positioned war reserve requirement
      pre-positioned war reserve stock
      prescribed nuclear load
      prescribed nuclear stockage
      preset guidance
      Presidential Call-up
      Presidential Reserve Call-up
      pressure altitude
      pressure breathing
      pressure front
      pressure mine
      pressure mine circuit
      pressurized cabin
      prestrike reconnaissance
      prevention of mutual interference
      prevention of stripping equipment
      preventive deployment
      preventive diplomacy
      preventive maintenance
      preventive medicine
      preventive war
      prewithdrawal demolition target
      primary agency
      primary aircraft authorization
      primary aircraft inventory
      primary censorship
      primary control officer
      primary control ship
      primary flight control
      primary imagery dissemination
      primary imagery dissemination system
      primary interest
      primary review authority
      primed charge
      prime mover
      prime vendor
      principal building
      principal items
      principal officer
      principal operational interest
      principal parallel
      principal plane
      principal scale
      principal vertical
      printing size of a map or chart
      print reference
      priority designator
      priority intelligence requirement
      priority message
      priority national intelligence objectives
      priority of immediate mission requests
      prior permission
      prisoner of war
      prisoner of war branch camp
      prisoner of war camp
      prisoner of war censorship
      prisoner of war compound
      prisoner of war enclosure
      prisoner of war personnel record
      proactive measures
      proactive mine countermeasures
      probability of damage
      probable error
      probable error deflection
      probable error height of burst
      probable error range
      probably destroyed
      procedural control
      procedure turn
      procedure word
      processing and exploitation
      procurement lead time
      producer countries
      production base
      production lead time
      production logistics
      production loss appraisal
      proficiency training aircraft
      program aircraft
      Programmed Forces
      program of nuclear cooperation
      progress payment
      prohibited area
      projected map display
      projection print
      proliferation (nuclear weapons)
      prompt radiation
      propelled mine
      proper authority
      proper clearance
      property account
      proportional navigation
      protected emblems
      protected frequencies
      protected persons/places
      protected site
      protection of shipping
      protective clothing
      protective mask
      protective minefield
      proximity fuze
      pseudopursuit navigation
      psychological consolidation activities
      psychological operations
      psychological operations assessment team
      psychological operations impact indicators
      psychological operations support element
      public affairs
      public affairs assessment
      public affairs ground rules
      public affairs guidance
      public diplomacy
      public information
      public key infrastructure
      pull-up point
      pulse code
      pulse duration
      pulse repetition frequency
      purchase description
      purchase notice agreements
      purchasing office
      pyrotechnic delay