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  • Military Dictionary - Letter Group I

    All official U.S. DoD military terms, and their definitions, beginning with the letter I.

      identification, friend or foe
      identification friend or foe personal identifier
      identification, friend or foe/selective identification feature procedures
      identification maneuver
      igloo space
      ignition system
      image format
      image motion compensation
      imagery collateral
      imagery correlation
      imagery data recording
      imagery exploitation
      imagery intelligence
      imagery interpretation
      imagery interpretation key
      imagery pack
      imitative communications deception
      imitative electromagnetic deception
      immediate airlift requests
      immediate air support
      immediate decontamination
      immediate destination
      immediate air support
      immediate decontamination
      immediate destination
      immediately vital cargo
      immediate message
      immediate mission request
      immediate nuclear support
      immediate operational readiness
      immediate response
      immediate targets
      impact action fuze
      impact area
      impact pressure
      implementation planning
      implosion weapon
      imprest fund
      imprest funds
      improved conventional munitions
      improvised early resupply
      improvised explosive device
      improvised mine
      improvised nuclear device
      inactive aircraft inventory
      inactive duty training
      Inactive National Guard
      inactive status
      inbound traffic
      incapacitating agent
      incapacitating illness or injury
      incentive type contract
      incident classification
      incident control point
      incident management
      inclination angle
      incremental costs
      indefinite call sign
      indefinite delivery type contract
      independent ejection system
      independent mine
      independent review
      indicated airspeed
      indications and warning
      indications (intelligence)
      indirect fire
      indirect laying
      individual equipment
      individual mobilization augmentee
      individual mobilization augmentee detachment
      individual protection
      individual protective equipment
      Individual Ready Reserve
      individual reserves
      individual self-defense
      individual sponsored dependent
      induced environment
      induced radiation
      induction circuit
      industrial chemicals
      industrial mobilization
      industrial preparedness
      industrial preparedness program
      industrial property
      industrial readiness
      inert filling
      inertial guidance
      inertial navigation system
      inert mine
      in extremis
      inflammable cargo
      inflight phase
      inflight report
      influence field
      influence mine
      influence release sinker
      influence sweep
      information assurance
      information-based processes
      information box
      information environment
      information management
      information operations
      information report
      information requirements
      information resources
      information security
      information superiority
      information system
      infrared film
      infrared imagery
      infrared linescan system
      infrared photography
      infrared pointer
      infrared radiation
      initial active duty for training
      initial approach
      initial approach area
      initial assessment
      initial contact report
      initial draft plan
      initial early resupply
      initial entry into Military Service
      initial issues
      initial operational capability
      initial path sweeping
      initial photo interpretation report
      initial point
      initial programmed interpretation report
      initial provisioning
      initial radiation
      initial reserves
      initial response force
      initial unloading period
      initiating directive
      initiation of procurement action
      inland petroleum distribution system
      inland search and rescue region
      inner transport area
      innocent passage
      in-place force
      inshore patrol
      installation commander
      installation complex
      instructional mine
      instrument approach procedure
      instrument flight
      instrument landing system
      instrument meteorological conditions
      instruments of national power
      in support
      in support of
      Integrated Consumable Item Support
      integrated fire control system
      integrated logistic support
      integrated materiel management
      integrated planning
      integrated priority list
      integrated staff
      integrated tactical warning
      integrated warfare
      intelligence annex
      intelligence collection plan
      intelligence community
      intelligence contingency funds
      intelligence database
      intelligence data handling systems
      intelligence discipline
      intelligence estimate
      intelligence federation
      intelligence gathering
      intelligence information report
      intelligence interrogation
      intelligence journal
      intelligence operations
      intelligence preparation of the battlespace
      intelligence process
      intelligence-related activities
      intelligence report
      intelligence reporting
      intelligence requirement
      intelligence source
      intelligence subject code
      intelligence summary
      intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance
      intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance visualization
      intelligence system
      intensity factor
      intensity mine circuit
      intensive management
      interagency coordination
      intercept point
      intercept receiver
      inter-chart relationship diagram
      intercount dormant period
      interdepartmental or agency support
      interdepartmental intelligence
      intergovernmental organization
      interim financing
      interim overhaul
      inter-look dormant period
      intermediate approach
      Intermediate Force Planning Level
      intermediate maintenance (field)
      intermediate marker (land mine warfare)
      intermediate objective
      intermediate-range bomber aircraft
      intermediate staging base
      intermittent arming device
      intermittent illumination
      intermodal support equipment
      intermodal systems
      internal audience
      internal defense and development
      internal information
      internally displaced person
      internal radiation
      internal security
      internal waters
      international arms control organization
      International Atomic Time
      international call sign
      International Convention for Safe Containers
      international cooperative logistics
      international date line
      international identification code
      international loading gauge (GIC)
      international logistics
      international logistic support
      international military education and training
      international narcotics activities
      International Organization for Standardization
      interocular distance
      interrogation (intelligence)
      inter-Service education
      inter-Service, intragovernmental agreements
      inter-Service support
      inter-Service training
      intertheater airlift
      intertheater evacuation
      intertheater traffic
      interview (intelligence)
      intracoastal sealift
      intransit aeromedical evacuation facility
      intransit inventory
      intransit stock
      in-transit visibility
      intratheater airlift
      intratheater evacuation
      intratheater traffic
      invasion currency
      inventory control
      inventory control point
      inventory management
      inventory managers
      investment costs
      IR pointer
      irregular forces
      irregular outer edge
      isodose rate line
      isolated personnel
      isolated personnel report
      issue control group
      issue priority designator
      item manager