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  • Military Dictionary - Letter Group B

    All official U.S. DoD military terms, and their definitions, beginning with the letter B.

      background count
      background radiation
      back-haul airlift
      back tell
      balanced stock(s)
      balance station zero
      bale cubic capacity
      ballistic missile
      ballistic missile early warning system
      ballistic trajectory
      ballistic wind
      balloon barrage
      balloon reflector
      bank angle
      bare base
      barometric altitude
      barrage fire
      barrage jamming
      barrier combat air patrol
      barrier forces
      barrier, obstacle, and mine warfare plan
      bar scale
      base boundary
      base cluster
      base cluster commander
      base cluster operations center
      base commander
      base complex
      base defense
      base defense forces
      base defense operations center
      base defense zone
      base development (less force beddown)
      base development plan
      base element
      base line
      baseline environmental survey
      base map
      base of operations
      base period
      base section
      base surge
      base unit
      baseline costs
      basic cover
      basic encyclopedia
      basic intelligence
      basic load
      basic military route network
      basic research
      basic stocks
      basic stopping power
      basic tactical organization
      basic undertakings
      basis of issue
      bathymetric contour
      battalion landing team
      battery center
      battery (troop) left (right)
      battle damage assessment
      battle damage indicator
      battle damage repair
      battlefield coordination detachment
      battlefield illumination
      battlefield surveillance
      battle force
      battle reserves
      battlespace awareness
      beach capacity
      beach group
      beach landing site
      beach marker
      beachmaster unit
      beach minefield
      beach organization
      beach party
      beach party commander
      beach photography
      beach reserves
      beach support area
      beach survey
      beach width
      beam width
      beaten zone
      begin morning civil twilight
      begin morning nautical twilight
      below-the-line publications
      berm, natural
      bilateral infrastructure
      binary chemical munition
      bin storage
      biographical intelligence
      biological agent
      biological ammunition
      biological defense
      biological environment
      biological half-time
      biological operation
      biological threat
      biological warfare
      biological weapon
      black list
      black propaganda
      blast effect
      blast line
      blast wave
      blast wave diffraction
      bleeding edge
      blind transmission
      blister agent
      blocking and chocking
      blocking position
      block shipment
      block stowage loading
      blood agent
      blood chit
      Blue Bark
      boat diagram
      boat group
      boat lane
      boat space
      boat wave
      bomb disposal unit
      bomb impact plot
      bombing angle
      bombing run
      bomb release line
      bomb release point
      bona fides
      booby trap
      boost phase
      border break
      border crosser
      boresafe fuze
      bottom mine
      bouquet mine
      breakbulk cargo
      breakbulk ship
      breaker angle
      breakoff position
      brevity code
      bridgehead line
      buffer distance
      buffer zone
      building systems
      bulk cargo
      bulk petroleum product
      bulk storage
      burn notice
      burnout velocity
      burn-through range