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    Picture of the Austrian ADGZ armored car
    Steyr ADGZ Armored Car
    An easily-overlooked 8x8 wheeled Austrian armored car of World War 2 - the Steyr ADGZ.
    Picture of the French APAV40 rifle grenade
    APAV40 Rifle Grenade
    Rifle grenades like this French APAV40 series weapon are still valued on today's battlefields.
    Picture of the Swedish Saab 105 advanced jet trainer aircraft
    Saab 105 Trainer
    Despite its 1960s origins, this Saab-originated jet trainer continues to fly for a few air powers today.
    Picture of the German Henschel Hs 121 advanced fighter trainer
    Henschel Hs 121 Trainer Prototype
    Henschel's first foray into military aircraft design became the failed Hs 121 advanced fighter trainer.
    Picture of the battlecruiser HMS Indefatigable
    HMS Indefatigable
    Commissioned in 1911, HMS Indefatigable met her end during the Battle of Jutland in World War 1.
    Picture of the British AirCo DH.10 Amiens biplane bomber
    AirCo DH.10 Amiens Biplane Bomber
    The DH.10 Amien's late arrival in World War 1 saw the platform complete just one bombing sortie.
    Picture of the Dornier Do 635 Zwilling long-range reconnaissance aircraft
    Dornier Do 635 Zwilling Proposal
    Two Dornier Do 335 heavy fighters would have made up the Do 635 "Zwilling" design of World War 2.
    Picture of the Russian Putilov Armored Car of 1918
    Austin-Putilov Armored Car
    The Russians built a local armored car during WW1 atop the British Austin Car framework as the Austin-Putilov.