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Military Factory

WW1 American Tanks (1917-1918)

Authored By Staff Writer | Last Updated: 5/17/2014

Upon joining the Allies in World War 1, America relied heavily on foreign support to stock its growing army - tanks included.


There are a total of 7 WW1 American Tanks in the Military Factory. Entries are listed below in alphanumeric order. Flag images indicative of country of origin.

The Armored Car found its niche on the battlefields of World War 1 in security, reconnaissance, and scouting roles. They prov...
Thumbnail picture of the Davidson-Cadillac

Ford Model 1918 3-ton (M1918)
In preparation for the shortages expected of French Renault FT-17 Light Tanks during World War 1 (1914-1918), it fell to the ...
Thumbnail picture of the Ford Model 1918 3-ton (M1918)

Holt Gas-Electric Tank
The Holt Gas-Electric Tank became the first true "tank" to be designed and constructed by and for the United States. Hardly t...
Thumbnail picture of the Holt Gas-Electric Tank

M1917 6-ton
The M1917 6-ton light tank was an American license-production copy of the highly successful French-designed Renault "char leg...
Thumbnail picture of the M1917 6-ton

Renault FT-17
The Renault FT-17 series of light tank was an evolutionary design in the field of combat tanks that would go on to influence ...
Thumbnail picture of the Renault FT-17

Tank Mark VIII (International / Liberty)
The Mark VIII "International Tank" (also "Liberty" when powered by the American Liberty engine) would become the first tank i...
Thumbnail picture of the Tank Mark VIII (International / Liberty)

Tank Mk V
The Tank Mk V was a further evolution of the British "tank" - then known as "landship" - which began with the original Tank M...
Thumbnail picture of the Tank Mk V