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WW1 Tanks (1914-1918)

Authored By Staff Writer | Last Updated: 5/17/2014

World War 1 saw the origins of the "Landship", which became the "tank" as we know it - with much thanks to British engineering out of Bovington, England.


There are a total of 18 WW1 Tanks (1914-1918) in the Military Factory. Entries are listed below in alphanumeric order. Flag images indicative of country of origin.

Char D'Assault Schneider (Schneider CA)
The Schneider Char d'Assault tank was France's first real attempt at differentiating dedicated tanks from dedicated self-prop...
Thumbnail picture of the Char D'Assault Schneider (Schneider CA)

Char D'Assault St. Chamond
While traditionally categorized as one of the early combat "tanks" in history, the Char D'Assault St. Chamond featured qualit...
Thumbnail picture of the Char D'Assault St. Chamond

FIAT 2000
Compared to other national powers in the world, Italy was late in adopting a capable armored force. When the nation committed...
Thumbnail picture of the FIAT 2000

Ford Model 1918 3-ton (M1918)
In preparation for the shortages expected of French Renault FT-17 Light Tanks during World War 1 (1914-1918), it fell to the ...
Thumbnail picture of the Ford Model 1918 3-ton (M1918)

Holt Gas-Electric Tank
The Holt Gas-Electric Tank became the first true "tank" to be designed and constructed by and for the United States. Hardly t...
Thumbnail picture of the Holt Gas-Electric Tank

K Grosskampfwagen (K-Wagen)
Long before German engineers lent their talents to the outrageous and very optimistic heavy tank designs of World War 2, they...
Thumbnail picture of the K Grosskampfwagen (K-Wagen)

Little Willie
The idea of a tracked armored fighting vehicle was first put into practical military use by the British Admiralty. In fact, i...
Thumbnail picture of the Little Willie

M1917 6-ton
The M1917 6-ton light tank was an American license-production copy of the highly successful French-designed Renault "char leg...
Thumbnail picture of the M1917 6-ton

Medium Mark C (Hornet)
The Medium Mark C tank was a promising and notably agile armored system that arrived too late to see combat action in World W...
Thumbnail picture of the Medium Mark C (Hornet)

Medium Tank Mk A (Whippet)
The Medium Tank Mk A (also known as the "Whippet") was an armored vehicle specifically designed to exploit breaches in the ba...
Thumbnail picture of the Medium Tank Mk A (Whippet)

Renault FT-17
The Renault FT-17 series of light tank was an evolutionary design in the field of combat tanks that would go on to influence ...
Thumbnail picture of the Renault FT-17

Sturmpanzerwagen A7V
The comical-looking Sturmpanzerwagen A7V series was the first German attempt at an armored fighting vehicle - a tank - and ap...
Thumbnail picture of the Sturmpanzerwagen A7V

Tank Mark IX
The Mark IX tank was classified as an armored personnel carrier - effectively the world's first of its kind anywhere in opera...
Thumbnail picture of the Tank Mark IX

Tank Mark VIII (International / Liberty)
The Mark VIII "International Tank" (also "Liberty" when powered by the American Liberty engine) would become the first tank i...
Thumbnail picture of the Tank Mark VIII (International / Liberty)

Tank Mk I (Big Willie / Centipede / Mother)
The British were pioneers in the field of armored warfare during World War 1 - producing the world's first practical combat t...
Thumbnail picture of the Tank Mk I (Big Willie / Centipede / Mother)

Tank Mk II
The breaking of the stalemate of Trench Warfare during World War 1 would not have been made possible without the contribution...
Thumbnail picture of the Tank Mk II

Tank Mk IV
It was the British Navy - under Winston Churchill, First Lord of the Admiralty - that pushed the "tank" into existence (then ...
Thumbnail picture of the Tank Mk IV

Tank Mk V
The Tank Mk V was a further evolution of the British "tank" - then known as "landship" - which began with the original Tank M...
Thumbnail picture of the Tank Mk V