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Pakistan Army Tanks (Through History)

Consistently at odds with its neighbor India, Pakistan has been keen in maintaining a healthy stock of capable combat tanks throughout the decades.

There are a total of 14 Pakistan Army Tanks in the Military Factory. Entries are listed below by initial year of service. Flag images indicative of country of origin.

HIT Al-Zarrar
In 1958, China undertook local production of the Soviet T-54A Main Battle Tank as the Type 59. Some 9,500 were produced until...

HIT Al Khalid (MBT 2000)
The Al-Khalid is essentially a hybrid tank design with systems, armament and subsystems originating from a variety of global ...

The nation of Ukraine was under the Soviet sphere of influence up to 1990 when the Empire was dissolved amidst a move to a mo...

Type 85-II
The NORINCO-produced Type-85-II is a further development of the Type 80 main battle tank but offers up a host of improvements...

The T-80 of the Russian Army was born in the era of the Soviet Empire during the Cold War. The type was a further evolution o...

Type 69
The NORINCO-produced Type 69 is a further indigenous development based on previous Soviet hardware purchases. The Type 69 is ...

Type 63 (WZ211)
The Chinese NORINCO-built Type 63 is in many ways a relative to the Soviet-designed and built PT-76 troop carrier. The weapon...

Type 59
The NORINCO-produced Type 59 was actually based on the purchase and subsequent local licensed production of the Soviet T-54 m...

The T-55 was a further improved version of the T-54 Main Battle Tank series of 1949 intended to counter the new American M60 ...

M48 Patton
The M48 Patton appeared in 1952 and was produced in over 11,000 examples during her tenure. She went on to form the backbone ...

M47 (Patton II)
The M47 was another addition to the long line of main battle tanks stemming from the World War 2-era M26 Pershing "heavy tank...

The T-54 series of Soviet main battle tank came about in the search for a viable replacement for the war-winning T-34 Medium ...

M24 Chaffee (Light Tank, M24)
The Light Tank M24 Chaffee was the successor to the M5 Stuart light tank. Though appearing late into the Second World War, th...

M4 Sherman (Medium Tank, M4)
The M4 Sherman series of medium tanks proved an invaluable asset to Allied operations North Africa, Europe and the Pacific th...
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