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  • SA-8 (Gecko) / 9K33 OSA 6x6 Wheeled Self-Propelled SAM Vehicle

    The SA-8 Gecko short-range anti-aircraft defense vehicle was introduced in the early 1970s and is still in operational service today through modernized forms.

     Updated: 6/22/2017; Authored By Staff Writer; Content ¬©www.MilitaryFactory.com

    To contend with ever-improving, more agile low-altitude aircraft emerging from the West during the Cold War, the Soviet military developed and ultimately adopted the 9K33 "Osa" ("Wasp") self-propelled, wheeled, amphibious Surface-to-Air Missile (SAM) vehicle. It was designated "SA-8" and codenamed "Gecko" by NATO once its existence was verified. Design work by the NII-20 Research Institute spanned from 1965 into the early 1970s to which the system began formal service in 1971 (continuing today - 2014). The SA-8 has proven a combat veteran, seeing action in the Lebanon Civil War (1982), the Angolan Civil War (1975-2002), the Persian Gulf War (1991), the South Ossetia War (2008), the Libyan Civil War (2011), and the Syrian Civil War (2011-present). It is estimated that some 1,200 units have been produced with several notable variants having appeared.

    The 19-ton system features a vehicle section with a running length of 9 meters, width of 2.75 meters and a height of 4.2 meters. It's typical operating crew is five. The vehicle consists of a lightly-armored hull form atop a 6x6 wheeled chassis. The chassis supports cross-country travel while the hull is cleared for amphibious crossings which then played well into established Soviet ground warfare doctrine (forged largely by actions in World War 2 some decades earlier). The vehicle featured a D20K300 diesel-fueled engine of 300 horsepower output which provided driving ranges out to 500 kilometers and road speeds nearing 80 kmh. In water, the vehicle managed a pedestrian 8 kmh. The driving compartment lay at front in the usual way with the launcher component was sat over the rear of the vehicle, the radar element affixed over the frontal center mass. The six road wheels, three to a hull side, were large and well-spaced for good balance while the overall hull shape was quite shallow, presenting a smaller target along the horizon. The powered launcher component fitted two groups of three short-range missile launch tubes (for a total of six missiles) in a side-by-side arrangement - the launchers separated at center the radar component.

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    SA-8 (Gecko) / 9K33 OSA Technical Specifications

    Service Year: 1972
    Type: 6x6 Wheeled Self-Propelled SAM Vehicle
    National Origin: Soviet Union
    Manufacturer(s): State Factories - Soviet Union
    Production: 1,735

    Design (Crew Space, Dimensions, Weight, and Systems)

    Operating Crew: 5
    Length: 29.86 feet (9.10 meters)
    Width: 9.19 feet (2.80 meters)
    Height: 13.78 feet (4.20 meters)

    Operating Weight: 10 tons (9,000 kg; 19,842 lb)

    Nuclear / Biological / Chemical Protection: Yes
    Nightvision Equipment: Yes

    Installed Power and Standard Road Performance

    Engine(s): 1 x D20K300 series diesel-fueled engine developing 300 horsepower.

    Maximum Road Speed: 50 mph (80 km/h)
    Maximum Road Range: 311 miles (500 km)

    Armament and Ammunition

    6 x SA-8 (9M33/9M33M1/9M33M2/9M33M3) surface-to-air missile launchers.

    6 x SA-8 (9M33/9M33M1/9M33M2/9M33M3) surface-to-air missiles.

    Global Operators / Customers

    Algeria; Armenia; Azerbaijan; Belarus; Bulgaria; Cuba; Czechoslovakia; Czech Republic; East Germany; Ecuador; Georgia; Greece; India; Iraq; Jordan; Kuwait; Libya; Poland; Romania; Russia; Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic; Soviet Union; Syria; Turkmenistan; Ukraine; Yugoslavia

    Model Variants

    9K33 OSA - Initial Production Model appearing in 1971; land-based launcher.

    9K33M OSA-M - Navalized Launcher Variant for use on Soviet Navy cruiser vessels.

    9K33M2 OSA-AK - Sealed, six-missile launcher; appearing in 1975.

    9K33M3 OSA-AKM - Improved tracking and engagement capabilities; appearing in 1980.

    Saman - Developmental Variant used for training and testing.Saman-M - Developmental Variant used for training and testing.