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  • Ordnance QF 25-pounder Towed Multirole Artillery Piece

    The Ordnance QF 25-pounder towed gun went on to become one of the most famous pieces of British Army artillery.

     Updated: 5/10/2017; Authored By Staff Writer; Content ¬©www.MilitaryFactory.com

    Following World War 1 (1914-1918), British Army authorities were convinced of the prospect of combining the best elements of a field gun and an infantry howitzer in one effective battlefield piece. Evaluations were had throughout the 1920s and 1930s but the project did no gain speed until the threat of Nazism and an unstable Europe was felt in the mid-to-latter half of the 1930s. By this time, the project had received full attention as the Army sought to succeed its aging line of 18-pounder field guns along with its remaining stock of old 4.5" howitzers.

    By mating an all-new gun tube to the box carriages of the existing 18-pounder field guns, the first iterations of the weapon system were known as Ordnance QF, 25-pdr Mk I. The gun was available in useful numbers by the time of the British commitment to World War 2 began in 1939 with the British Expeditionary Force (BEF) in Europe. However, the brutal conquests of the Germans forced the BEF and its allies to a stand-off at Dunkirk. After a valiant rescue of what men could be gotten out of France, the left-behind 25-pounder guns fell into German hands.

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    Ordnance QF 25-pounder Technical Specifications

    Service Year: 1939
    Type: Towed Multirole Artillery Piece
    National Origin: United Kingdom
    Manufacturer(s): State Arsenals - UK
    Production: 25,000

    Design (Crew Space, Dimensions, Weight, and Systems)

    Operating Crew: 6
    Length: 14.93 feet (4.55 meters)
    Height: 7.87 feet (2.40 meters)

    Operating Weight: 2 tons (1,800 kg; 3,968 lb)

    Nuclear / Biological / Chemical Protection: None
    Nightvision Equipment: None

    Installed Power and Standard Road Performance

    Engine(s): None. This is a towed artillery piece.

    Engagement Range: 7 miles (12 km)

    Armament and Ammunition

    1 x 87.6mm (3.45in) gun barrel.

    Dependent on Ammunition Carrier.

    Global Operators / Customers

    Australia; Canada; Cyprus; Iraq; Ireland; Lebanon; Luxembourg; Oman; Portugal; Rhodesia; United Kingdom; South Africa; Sri Lanka

    Model Variants

    Ordnance, QF, 25-pdr Mk 1 - Initial operational examples; fitted to 18-pounder carriages.

    Ordnance, QF, 25-pdr Mk 2 on Carriage 25-pdr Mk I - Fitted to purpose-built carriages.

    25-pdr Mk 2 on Carriage 25-pdr Mk 2 - Jungle / airborne variant.

    25-pdr Mk 2 on Carriage 25-pdr Mk 3 - Hinged trail variant.

    Ordnance QF 25-pdr Short - Base Series Designation for Australian-modified guns.

    Ordnance QF-25-pdr Short (Aust) Mk I - Original Australian production model.

    Ordnance QF 25-pdr Short (Aust) Mk II - Revised carriage unit; Australian service.