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    PT-76 Light Amphibious Tank (1952)

    PT-76 Light Amphibious Tank (1952)

    The PT-76 is billed as a Light Amphibious Tank and is still in service with several countries.

    Staff Writer (4/20/2009): The PT-76 was developed shortly after Second World War. The weapon system is designated as a "Light Amphibious Tank" featuring a crew of three and the ability to traverse varying depths of water.

    The PT-76 is armed with the World War Two-standard 76.2mm main gun, has turret traversal of -4/+30 and can fire the standard set of projectiles - from high explosive to AP-T and HE-FRAG rounds. For self-defense, the system features a 7.62mm machine gun while some models have also added a 12.7mm air defense heavy machine gun of DShKM type. Additional fuel tanks can be added to the system increasing the overall road range by 68 miles (110 km).

    By design, many of the PT-76's components are also shared with the BTR-50, SA-6 Gainful SAM and the ZSU-23-4. The engine of the PT-76 is also the same one that powers the T-55 Main Battle Tank.

    The PT-76 is marketed as being fully amphibious but features some noticeable drawbacks in the way of no NBC protection, a rather large overall size and thin armor protection for ammunition and crew.

    Total production numbers of the PT-76 has reached over 7,000 vehicles. The last PT-76 entered service in 1967, though modernization programs and new turret designs have kept the system ongoing. China produces a version of the PT-76 locally as the Type 63.

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    Technical Specifications:
    Light Amphibious Tank

    Country of Origin: Soviet Union
    Manufacturer: State Arsenals - Soviet Union
    Initial Year of Service: 1952
    Production Total: 0

    Focus Model:
    Crew: 3

    Overall Length: 25.00 ft (7.62 m)
    Width: 10.30 ft (3.14 m)
    Height: 7.38 ft (2.25 m)
    Weight: 16.1 US Short Tons (14,600 kg; 32,187 lb)

    Powerplant: 1 x V-6B 6-cylinder inline water-cooled diesel engine generating 240hp @ 1,800rpm.

    Maximum Speed: 27 mph (44 km/h)
    Maximum Range: 230 miles (370 km)

    NBC Protection: NO
    Nightvision: Yes - Driver Only

    1 x 76.2mm main gun
    1 x 7.62mm coaxial machine gun
    1 x 12.7mm air defense machine gun (optional)

    40 x 76.2mm projectiles
    1,000 x 7.62mm ammunition

    PT-76 - Base production model featuring varying muzzle breaks.

    PT-76B - Stabilized main gun

    Type 63 - Chinese-produced variant

    PT-76 - 57mm Main gun

    Benin, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Congo, China, Croatia, Cuba, Guinea, Guinea-Bissau, India, Indonesia, Laos, Madagascar, Nicaragua, North Korea, Russia, Uganda, Vietnam and Zambia.