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FV432 APC Armored Personnel Carrier (1963)

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The FV432 is a multipurpose unspectacular armored personnel carrier.

Picture of FV432 APC
The FV432 was a solid, if unspectacular, armored personnel carrier for the British Army, seeing over 3,000 in total production completed. Much like other multi-faceted chassis of this type, the FV432 continues to serve in other roles (electronic warfare, battlefield recovery, artillery command, etc...), though not the primary frontline armored personnel carrier role it was originally designed for. The FV432 series of armored personnel carriers has since been supplanted by the modernized Warrior Infantry Fighting Vehicle in the British Army inventory.

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Specifications for the
Armored Personnel Carrier

Country of Origin: United Kingdom
Manufacturer: BAe Systems Land Systems - UK
Initial Year of Service: 1963
Production Total: 100

Focus Model: FV432 APC
Crew: 2 + 10

Overall Length: 17.22 ft (5.25 m)
Width: 9.19 ft (2.80 m)
Height: 6.14 ft (1.87 m)
Weight: 15.1 US Short Tons (13,740 kg; 30,292 lb)

Powerplant: 1 x Rolls-Royce K60 No. 4 Mk 4F 2-stroke 6-cylinder multi-fuel engine generating 240bhp at 3,750rpm.

Maximum Speed: 32 mph (52.2 km/h)
Maximum Range: 298 miles (480 km)

NBC Protection: Yes
Nightvision: Yes - Passive for Driver

1 x 7.62mm Machine Gun
2 x 3 Smoke Dischargers

1,600 x 7.62mm ammunition
6 x smoke grenades

Battlefield Ambulance Vehicle

Command Vehicle

FV434 - Maintenance Vehicle

Mortar Carrier

Minelayer Vehicle

Battlefield Recovery Vehicle

Artillery Command Vehicle

FV432 - Features Fox turret (trainer)

FV438 - Wavell Electronic Warfare Vehicle

FV438 - Swingfire Anti-Tank (ATGW) Missile Vehicle

FV439 - Specialist Vehicle

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