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Military Tanks, Armored Vehicles and Artillery

For as long as there have been battles fought on land, the military vehicle and artillery piece have been mainstays.

The combat "tank" came into its own during World War 1, designed to navigate the miles of trenches and obstacles along the Western Front. The first tank-versus-tank battle took place during the war between the British and Germans with rather anticlimactic results. As experience began to dictate function, the tank later became the critical spearhead of Allied offensives in breaking down enemy defenses - evolving into the showcase piece for land campaigns today. Today the Main Battle Tank (MBT) remains the culmination of work that began with the ungainly British, French and German developments seen in the Great War - the machines combining the perfect measure of crew protection and firepower to remain key components to any operation.

Note: Material presented throughout this website is for historical and entertainment value and should not to be construed as usable for hardware restoration, maintenance or general operation. Please consult manufacturers for such information.

Main Battle Tanks
Main Battle Tanks
The ultimate combination of firepower and protection.
Infantry Fighting Vehicles
Infantry Fighting Vehicles
Lending fire support to the Boots-on-the-Ground.
Military Armored Personnel Carrier Vehicles
Armored Carriers
From Point A to Point B under protection.
4-Wheeled Military Vehicles
4-Wheeled Vehicles
The wheeled vehicle forever changed the face of war.
6-Wheeled Military Vehicles
6-Wheeled Vehicles
Because sometimes six wheels are better than four.
8-Wheeled Military Vehicles
8-Wheeled Vehicles
Because sometimes eight wheels are better than six.
Self-Propelled Guns
Self-Propelled Guns
A staple of mechanized warfare since WW2.
Towed Artillery Guns
The field gun has more than proven its worth.
Heavy Tanks
Heavy Tanks
The predecessor to the modern-day MBT.