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Voulge Polearm

Authored By Staff Writer | Last Updated: 3/2/2011

The voulge was a terrifying weapon in appearance and categorized as a polearm. It was used primarily during the Medieval Ages across Europe and was, in many ways, the evolution of the common spear. Design of the voulge consisted of nothing more than a fanciful shaped metal blade head affixed to the top of a wooden shaft. Blade head designs varied based on nation and craftsman but the basic form and function of the weapon system remained intact. The bladed head generally tapered off to a sharp point at the top and featured a long-running hacking blade along its front face. The rear was left either featureless or sported a spike, perhaps pointing out or back towards the user.

In combat, the voulge could be used to counter a massed cavalry charge ala the pike. In hand-to-hand combat, the pointed and hacking edges of the blade head could be used with disastrous effects on the victim. If the bladed head featured a spike set along its back face, this could be used to unseat mounted personnel.

The voulge appeared at the same time in military history as the similar glaive - the latter utilized more for its slicing effects as opposed to the voulge's hacking-minded demeanor.

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Specifications for the

Dimensions: 6 to 7 feet long
Suggested Weight: Various
Required Crew: 1
Known Operators: Various European Factions