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Voulge Polearm

Authored By Staff Writer | Last Updated: 3/2/2011

The voulge was a terrifying weapon in appearance and categorized as a polearm. It was used primarily during the Medieval Ages across Europe and was, in many ways, the evolution of the common spear. Design of the voulge consisted of nothing more than a fanciful shaped metal blade head affixed to the top of a wooden shaft. Blade head designs varied based on nation and craftsman but the basic form and function of the weapon system remained intact. The bladed head generally tapered off to a sharp point at the top and featured a long-running hacking blade along its front face. The rear was left either featureless or sported a spike, perhaps pointing out or back towards the user.

In combat, the voulge could be used to counter a massed cavalry charge ala the pike. In hand-to-hand combat, the pointed and hacking edges of the blade head could be used with disastrous effects on the victim. If the bladed head featured a spike set along its back face, this could be used to unseat mounted personnel.

The voulge appeared at the same time in military history as the similar glaive - the latter utilized more for its slicing effects as opposed to the voulge's hacking-minded demeanor. Text ©2003-2016 All Rights Reserved. No Reproduction Permitted - the Content of this Page is NOT for reuse in any form. Email corrections/comments to MilitaryFactory at Gmail dot com. Material presented throughout this website is for historical and entertainment value and should not to be construed as usable for hardware restoration, maintenance or general operation. Please consult original manufacturers for such information. We DO NOT sell any of the products showcased on this website so please do not inquire about purchases.

Specifications for the

Dimensions: 6 to 7 feet long
Suggested Weight: Various
Required Crew: 1
Known Operators: Various European Factions