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    While certainly not the single-most important quality of every aircraft of World War 2, speed undoubtedly helped to create a winning design.

    While speed was not the essential design quality to successful aircraft of the war, it was certainly a benefit. The list below showcases World War 2 aircraft ranked by their reported/projected maximum speed values (including experimental designs). Bear in mind that the listed speeds below pertain to a specific production variant rather than to an entire family of aircraft (i.e. there were faster P-51 variants than our listed D-model, which is often considered the definitive Mustang). Additionally, some developmental aircraft appearing during the war are featured in this list including many 'paper-only' German jet- / rocket-powered designs.

    There are a total of 580 WW2 Aircraft Ranked-by-Speed in the Military Factory. Entries are listed below by maximum reported speed (descending) by specific production model. Flag images indicative of country of origin.

    Also consider WW2 Fighters Ranked-by-Speed, WW2 Bombers Ranked-by-Speed and WW2 X-planes Ranked-by-Speed.

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