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Military Factory

Medium Bomber Aircraft

Authored By Staff Writer | Last Updated: 3/5/2014

The Medium Bomber provided the speed lacking in "heavies" with the firepower not generally found in lightweight bomber designs.


There are a total of 37 Medium Bomber Aircraft in the Military Factory. Entries are listed below in alphanumeric order. Flag images indicative of country of origin.

The German concern of AEG (Allgemeine Elektritzitats Gesellschaft) delivered another successful wartime product in its G.IV t...
Thumbnail picture of the AEG G.IV

Arado Ar E.340
Arado proposed the Ar E.340 for a German Air Ministry requirement during World War 2 calling for a twin-engined, medium-class...
Thumbnail picture of the Arado Ar E.340

Armstrong Whitworth Whitley
Continuing in the tradition of ugly yet robust and reliable heavy bombers, the British Armstrong Whitworth Whitley was the he...
Thumbnail picture of the Armstrong Whitworth Whitley

Bloch MB.210
Societe des Avions Marcel Bloch, a French aviation concern, designed, developed and produced several pre-World War 2 aircraft...
Thumbnail picture of the Bloch MB.210

Blohm and Voss P.194
Despite the successes encountered by the German Luftwaffe with their famous Junkers Ju 87 "Stuka" dive bombers in the early p...
Thumbnail picture of the Blohm and Voss P.194

Boeing B-47 Stratojet
The swept-wing B-47 Stratojet produced by Boeing was a milestone in American bomber design in several ways. The system pionee...
Thumbnail picture of the Boeing B-47 Stratojet

CANT Z.1007 Alcione (Kingfisher)
The Italian Air Force ("Regia Aeronautica") was one of the few air national powers of World War 2 (1939-1945) to employ the t...
Thumbnail picture of the CANT Z.1007 Alcione (Kingfisher)

Convair B-58 Hustler
The delta-wing Convair B-58 Hustler was the first United States Air Force supersonic operational bomber. The system was desig...
Thumbnail picture of the Convair B-58 Hustler

Dornier Do 217
The Dornier Do 217 was a multi-role aircraft design for the German Luftwaffe during World War 2 (1939-1945). The type fulfill...
Thumbnail picture of the Dornier Do 217

Thumbnail picture of the Dornier Do 23

Douglas A-26 / B-26 Invader
The Douglas A-26 Invader was a distinguished twin-engine light bomber whose origins were well-placed in the Second World War....
Thumbnail picture of the Douglas A-26 / B-26 Invader

English Electric Canberra
The English Electric Canberra was a strike-minded, jet-powered medium bomber platform that made up Britain's critical bomber/...
Thumbnail picture of the English Electric Canberra

Fiat BR.20 Cicogna (Stork)
The Fiat BR.20 Cicogna (translated to "Stork") was a medium bomber in service with the Italian Air Force in the late inter-wa...
Thumbnail picture of the Fiat BR.20 Cicogna (Stork)

Focke-Wulf Fw 191
The Fw 191 was the Focke-Wulf submission to the German Air Ministry's "Bomber B" program of 1939. Authorities were sold on th...
Thumbnail picture of the Focke-Wulf Fw 191

Focke-Wulf Fw 3x1000C
While the Heinkel He 177 "Greif" long-range heavy bomber became a troublesome bomber design produced in 1,169 examples during...
Thumbnail picture of the Focke-Wulf Fw 3x1000C

General Dynamics F-111 Aardvark
The General Dynamics F-111 "Aardvark" was purposely-designed as a variable geometry "swing wing" platform from the outset. Th...
Thumbnail picture of the General Dynamics F-111 Aardvark

Grumman A-6 Intruder
The Grumman A-6 "Intruder" was a dedicated strike platform designed to a United States Navy (USN) requirement for an all-weat...
Thumbnail picture of the Grumman A-6 Intruder

Heinkel He 111
The German Luftwaffe of World War 2 fielded a trio of capable (though eventually limited) medium-class bombers in the Dornier...
Thumbnail picture of the Heinkel He 111

Ilyushin IL-28 (Beagle)
The Ilyushin IL-28 (codenamed "Beagle" by NATO) holds many distinctions in the annals of aviation history - some combat relat...
Thumbnail picture of the Ilyushin IL-28 (Beagle)

Ilyushin IL-4
In many ways the Ilyushin-brand IL-4 was a "forgotten" bomber of the Second World War - at least in the West - though it form...
Thumbnail picture of the Ilyushin IL-4

Thumbnail picture of the Junkers Ju 86

Junkers Ju 88
The Junkers Ju 88 formed a third of the German Luftwaffe medium bomber triad of World War 2 (1939-1945) and, like its sister ...
Thumbnail picture of the Junkers Ju 88

Liore-et-Olivier LeO 45
The French Air Force fielded a variety of capable aircraft prior to World War 2 and its ability to defend itself against the ...
Thumbnail picture of the Liore-et-Olivier LeO 45

Martin B-57 Canberra
When the United States committed to participation in the Korean War (1950-1953), it pressed into service much of its existing...
Thumbnail picture of the Martin B-57 Canberra

Mitsubishi G3M Rikko (Nell)
The Mitsubishi G3M "Rikko" (codenamed "Nell" by the Allies) was a frontline, twin-engine medium bomber utilized primarily by ...
Thumbnail picture of the Mitsubishi G3M Rikko (Nell)

Mitsubishi G4M (Betty)
Like most of Imperial Japan's aircraft in the early stages of World War 2, the Mitsubishi G4M (codenamed "Betty" by the Allie...
Thumbnail picture of the Mitsubishi G4M (Betty)

Mitsubishi Ki-21 (Sally)
The Mitsubishi Ki-21 (codenamed "Sally" by the Allies) was a successful medium bomber in service with the Japanese Air Force ...
Thumbnail picture of the Mitsubishi Ki-21 (Sally)

Mitsubishi Ki-67 Hiryu (Peggy)
The Mitsubishi-designed Ki-67 Hiryu (translated to "flying dragon" and dubbed "Peggy" by the Allies) is oft-regarded as the b...
Thumbnail picture of the Mitsubishi Ki-67 Hiryu (Peggy)

Nakajima Ki-49 Donryu (Helen)
The Nakajima Ki-49 Donryu (meaning "storm dragon" and codenamed "Helen" by the Allies) heavy bomber was intended as a replace...
Thumbnail picture of the Nakajima Ki-49 Donryu (Helen)

North American B-25 Mitchell
The North American B-25 Mitchell series of medium bombers went on to become one of the classic American aircraft designs to e...
Thumbnail picture of the North American B-25 Mitchell

North American XB-28 (Dragon)
North American, the U.S. aviation concern fondly remembered for its World War 2 contributions through the B-25 Mitchell mediu...
Thumbnail picture of the North American XB-28 (Dragon)

Savoia-Marchetti SM.79 Sparviero (Sparrowhawk)
The Savoia-Marchetti SM.79 Sparviero series of tri-engined bombers was the best bomber for the Italian Axis power in the Seco...
Thumbnail picture of the Savoia-Marchetti SM.79 Sparviero (Sparrowhawk)

Tupolev Tu-2 (Bat)
Russian aviation engineer Andrei Tupolev would lend his surname to a plethora of Soviet-era aircraft after founding his Tupol...
Thumbnail picture of the Tupolev Tu-2 (Bat)

Vickers Wellington
The Vickers Wellington was the primary bomber of the Royal Air Force at the start of World War 2, serving up until late 1943 ...
Thumbnail picture of the Vickers Wellington