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Military and Civilian Aircraft of the World

Despite being one of the youngest facets of warfare, airpower has evolved to become a major component of modern-day victory.

Long the "Knights of the Sky", military aircraft received their baptism of fire during World War 1 (1914-1918), a war which saw a continuous evolution of the species into evermore lethal fighting machines - fighters, bombers, raiders, interceptors and the like. Far from hitting their ceiling, the aircraft continues to evolve along multiple avenues, culminating in the modern pilot-less weapons-laden drones of today - ushering in the age of unmanned flight. The next few decades will see continued growth in the field, with stealth technologies developed further and more optimistic unmanned vehicles sure to follow.

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Military Drones
UAV / Drones
The future of powered flight is the multi-faceted UAV.
Military and Civlian Helicopters
Helicopters (All)
The role of the helicopter continues to grow.
Attack Helicopters
Attack Helicopters
The attack helo has proven its worth in countless wars.
Military Bomber Aircraft
A standard fixture of the air war since WW1.
Military Fighter Aircraft
The fighter remains the war-making mix even today.
Flying Boat Aircraft
Flying Boats
Best of both worlds, achieving the mission by air and sea.
Transport Aircraft
Logistics remains a critical factor in battlefield success.
Navy Carrier Aircraft
Navy Aircraft
Thanks to carriers, these types make their living over water.
Nightfighter Aircraft
Night Fighters
For a time in history, these platforms ruled the night sky.
Military Interceptor Aircraft
Charged with the chase-down of inbound enemy threats.
Military Experimental and Prototype Aircraft
Pioneering vehicles of aviation that make flying possible.
Military Reconnaissance, Scout and Spy Aircraft
Flying high - the key quality of typical spy aircraft.