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Military Aircraft of the World

Despite being one of the youngest facets of warfare, airpower has evolved to become a major component of modern-day victory.

Long the "Knights of the Sky", military aircraft received their baptism of fire in World War 1, a war that saw a continuous evolution of the species into evermore lethal fighting machines. Far from hitting their ceiling, the aircraft continued to evolve down multiple avenues, culminating in the autonomous, weapons-laden Unmanned Combat Air Vehicle of today - perhaps signaling the age of manned flight.

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Unmanned Aerial Vehicle - UAV
UAV / Drones
The future of powered flight is the multi-faceted UAV.
Military and Civilian Helicopters
Helicopters (All)
The role of the helicopter continues to grow on the battlefield.
Attack Helicopters
Attack Helicopters
The attack helo has proven its worth in countless wars the world over.
Military Bomber Aircraft
A standard fixture in conventional air wars since WW1.
Military Fighter Aircraft
The fighter remains the primary military aircraft mount today.
 Military Transport Aircraft
Logistics has always been a critical factor for battlefield success.
Nightfighter Aircraft
Night Fighters
For a time in history, these mounts ruled the night sky.
Flying Boat Aircraft
Flying Boats
Best of both worlds, achieving the mission by air and sea.
Navy Military Aircraft
Navy / Carrier
Thanks to at-sea carriers, aircraft can now make their home on water.
Military X-Plane Aircraft
Pioneering vehicles of flight, the experimental aircraft.
Listing of Military Reconnaissance Aircraft
Recon / Scout
Fast and high - recon aircraft once ruled the skies.
Multirole Military Aircraft
Multirole Aircraft
Aerial warfare now revolves around the capabilities of multi-role mounts.
Military Interceptor Aircraft
Interceptors reached their peak during the Cold War years.
Military Transport Helicopters
Transport Helicopters
Always going where fixed-wing types cannot go.
Military Trainer Aircraft
Learning the rules of the road by way of the aerial classroom.