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M113 Armored Personnel Carrier
Machine Guns of the World
Picture of the Soviet PM Model 1910 water-cooled heavy machine gun
The local Russian adaptation of the famous Maxim machine gun became the PM Model 1910
Like other turn-of-the-century world powers, the Russians adopted the famous Maxim Machine... More >>>
Picture of the AVIC TA-600 Amphibious Flying Boat of China
Scheduled for delivery in 2016 for China is the AVIC TA-600 Amphibious Flying Boat
In 1986, the Chinese Navy began operations of the Harbin SH-5, a large amphibious aircraft... More >>>
Picture of the Soviet 203mm B-4 self-proplled howitzer
Thanks to its tractor roots, the 203mm B-4 howitzer held an inherent self-propelled function
The Soviet Army of World War 2 showcased a variety of large-caliber, heavy field guns... More >>>
Picture of the Soviet 8-inch M1/M115 howitzer gun
The 8" M1 Howitzer was part of a new generation of guns for the American Army in WW2
As with World War 1 decades before, World War 2 itself was a war of big guns and the... More >>>
Picture of the Soviet ZiS-2 57mm anti-tank gun
The Red Army joined others in adopting a 57mm anti-tank gun in World War 2 - the ZiS-2
Like other global military armies of World War 2, the Soviet Army eventually adopted... More >>>
Picture of the Turkish UTAS UTS-15 twin-tube pump-action shotgun
The Turkish UTS-15 follows the current tactical shotgun trend towards twin-tube magazines
The new trend in tactical shotguns today is the "double-tube" form which drastically expands... More >>>
Picture of the Liore-et-Olivier LeO 45 medium bomber
The Liore-et-Olivier LeO 45 bomber operated valiantly during the defense of France in WW2
The French Air Force fielded a variety of capable aircraft prior to World War 2 and its ability... More >>>
Picture of the South African Army Denel Olifant Main Battle Tank
Another foreign evolution of the stellar British Centurion became the South African Olifant MBT
The South African "Olifant" became a further evolution of the original British Cold... More >>>
Picture of the French Arsenal VG-33 fighter
If not for the German invasion, this forgotten French fighter could have been something special
In the grand scope of World War 2 fighter aircraft there is a little-remembered French... More >>>
Picture of the MG15 Machine Gun
Beginning as an aerial machine gun, the MG15 ended her days as a ground support weapon
The MG 15 machine gun served the German Luftwaffe (Air Force) heading into, and during... More >>>
Picture of the CSS Missouri ironclad warship
Compared to her American Civil War contemporaries, CSS Missouri managed a limited career
Ironclad warships proved a critical component for both warring sides making up the American... More >>>