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WW2 German Panzers

The Panzer formed the spearhead of the German Blitzkrieg in World War 2.

German Panzer Tanks of WW2
Listing of aircraft used by Canada
Listing of WW1 Aircraft
Battlefield Rocket Projectors of the World
Picture of the Mitsubishi Regional Jet airliner
Mitsubishi has jumped back into the airliner fold with its upcoming Mitsubishi Regional Jet offering
It has been some time since the island nation of Japan has introduced a wholly indigenously-designed... More >>>
Picture of the Polish AMZ Dzik 4x4 Infantry Mobility Vehicle
The armored car class is alive and well thanks to developments like the Polish AMZ Dzik IMV
Modern conflicts such as those ongoing in Afghanistan and Iraq reignited interest in armored cars... More >>>
Picture of the French Berthier Rifle bolt-action rifle
An improvement over the existing Lebel, politics kept the Berthier from a greater French Army role
The bolt-action 8mm Model 1886 "Lebel" rifle was a French Army standard when introduced and proved... More >>>
Picture of the British BESA vehicle tank machine gun
A prominent British vehicle machine gun heading into World War 2 became the BESA
The British Arm heading into World War 2 adopted several machine guns of Czech design - the BREN... More >>>
Picture of the German 17cm mittlerer Minenwerfer trench mortar
The 17cm mittlerer Minenwerfer served the German Empire in WW1 as a medium trench mortar
The 17cm mittlerer Minenwerfer was a portable mortar (or "mine projector") used by the Imperial... More >>>
Picture of the French Modele 1917 RSC bolt-action rifle
The French RSC rifle arrived late in World War 1 and pressed on into World War 2
The culmination of work begun by French arms experts in the early 1900s produced the now-largely... More >>>
Picture of the Canadian Ross Rifle bolt-action weapon
The Canadian Ross Rifle never became a fully-accepted frontline bolt-action service rifle
An indigenous bolt-action service rifle of World War 1 to emerge from Canada - the "Ross Rifle"... More >>>
Picture of the T-55 Main Battle Tank used by ISIS forces
Weapons of ISIS - Vehicles, Artillery, and Small Arms
Our listing of known / recognized weapons used by Islamic State of Syria and Iraq... More >>>
Picture of the Juliet Marine Ghost stealth boat
It will take much convincing for the USN to adopt the Juliet Marine Ghost stealth boat
Expected to fulfill the roles of offshore fleet protection, general coastal security, and support... More >>>
Picture of the ADCOM Systems United 40 MALE UAV drone
A UAE first - A MALE UAV solution currently in the works as the ADCOM Systems United 40
Entering the field of military-minded drone aircraft is the Persian Gulf nation of the United Arab... More >>>
Picture of the French Navy FS Surcouf F711 frigate warship
The versatile FS Surcouf F711 frigate continues service with the modern French Navy Today
The La Fayette-class is a series of surface warships employed by the navies of France, Saudi Arabia... More >>>