Picture of the French Brandt mle 1937 light infantry mortar
The Brandt Mle 1937 Light Mortar was one of several mortars adopted by the French prior to WW2
Picture of the West German Dynamit Nobel PzF 44 anti-tank rocket launcher
The Panzerfaust 2 originated from West Germany during the middle Cold War years
Picture of the Fairey Barracuda torpedo dive bomber aircraft
A prime contributor to actions in World War 2 - the Fairey Barracuda torpedo dive bomber
Picture of the Denel Atlas Oryx transport helicopter of South Africa
An arms embargo forced a local South African version of the Aerospatiale Puma to emerge - Denel Oryx
Picture of the Vickers Type 432 hgih-altitude heavy fighter prototype
The last notable Vickers entry into military fighter aircraft became the Type 432 heavy fighter
Picture of the USS Pennsylvania ACR-4 armored cruiser
The U.S. Navy armored cruiser USS Pennsylvania ACR-4 ended her days as USS Pittsburgh