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WW1 Weapons

Whether towed or by vehicle, the MLRS has been a key battlefield weapon.

Battlefield Rocket Projectors of the World
Aircraft from 2010 to 2019
World War 1 weapon categories
M113 Armored Personnel Carrier
Picture of the American M3 White Scout Car
An unsung participant of World War 2 actions became the American M3 White Scout Car
Numerically, the White Scout Car (designated as the "G-067" and "M3A1" in U.S. Army nomenclature) was... More >>>
Picture of the British Crossley Armored Car
Failing in Egypt, the British Crossley Armored Car was brought back home to serve as trainer
The Crossley Armored Car was the first 6x6 wheeled armored car adopted for service in the British Army... More >>>
Picture of the Sopwith Baby floatplane scout aircraft
The Sopwith Baby emerged from the Sopwith Schneider and played an early role in WW1
Sopwith Aviation was founded in 1912 by Thomas Sopwith (1888-1989) at Kingston upon Thames in... More >>>
Picture of the Soviet T-26 Light Tank
The British Vickers 6-ton was the basis for the Soviet T-26 Light Tank of 1931
As was the norm after World War 1 in all industrialized nations around the globe, Soviet warplanners set... More >>>
Picture of the American M120 120mm mortar
For the U.S. Army, the proven Israeli 120mm Soltam K6 heavy mortar is the towed M120
The M120 Mortar System is the Israeli Soltam K6 120mm heavy field mortar in United States Army service... More >>>
Picture of the Yugoslavian M79 Osa anti-tank rocket launcher
Adopted in 1979, the M79 Osa emerged as a portable Yugoslavian anti-tank solution
The once-unified nation of Yugoslavia went on to develop a capable indigenous military-industrial... More >>>
Picture of the British No. 73 anti-tank hand grenade
To shore up losses at Dunkirk, the No. 73 anti-tank grenade was developed by the British
The "Miracle at Dunkirk" in Northern France that saw many British and French lives saved... More >>>
Picture of the Schmeisser MP41 submachine gun
Hugo Schmeisser designed a wooden-stocked version of the famous MP40 SMG as the MP41
German weapons engineer Hugo Schmeisser lent his talents to the design of the famous MP18... More >>>
Picture of the AgustaWestland AW139 medium-lift utility helicopter
Introduced in 2003, the AgustaWestland AW139 has gone on to find production success
The AgustaWestland model AW139 is a modern medium-lift, multi-purpose/multi-role rotary-wing... More >>>
Picture of the Chengdu J-7 jet fighter
The service life of the MiG-21 was extended through programs like the Chinese Chengdu J-7
After World War 2 (1939-1945), China and the Soviet Union were cooperating political powers... More >>>
Picture of the British Royal Navy HMS Manchester C15 light cruiser
An Italian torpedo led to the scuttling of HMS Manchester of the British Royal Navy in WW2
Naval cruisers were developed over the period of several hundred years and evolved considerably... More >>>