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WW2 Secret Japanese IJA / IJN Aircraft

Secret Weapons of the IJAAS / IJNAS
The Germans were not the only ones putting an effort into special aircraft projects during WW2.

Picture of the Rikugun Ki-202 rocket-powered interceptor
The Rikugun Ki-202 became a proposed evolution of the Ki-200 rocket-powered interceptor
Picture of the Mansyu Ki-98 high-altitude fighter ground attack aircraft
The Mansyu Ki-98 was to fulfill a ground attack and high-altitude fighter role for WW2 Japan
Picture of the Kayaba Katsuodori rmajjet-and-rocket-powered interceptor
The proposed Kayaba Katsuodori interceptor was to use propulsion power from ramjets and rockets
Picture of the McDonnell FH Phantom carrierborne jet fighter
The McDonnell FH Phantom provided the United States Navy with several "firsts"
Picture of the McDonnell F3H Demon carrierborne interceptor
Despite its engine troubles, the McDonnell F3H Demon provided a useful missile-armed interceptor for the USN
Picture of the International Harvester M9 Half-Track Military Vehicle
International Harvester provided the Lend-Lease version of the M2 Half-Track as the M9
Picture of the Piasecki X-49 Speedhawk compound helicopter prototype
A Seahawk helicopter fitted with a Piasecki propulsor makes up the X-49 Speedhawk