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    Picture of the Dutch Fokker T.IX medium bomber
    Another Dutch aircraft project ended by the German invasion of 1940 - the Fokker T.IX bomber
    Picture of the Israeli IWI X95 Micro-Tavor Assault Rifle
    The future for the Israeli Army is now as the X95 becomes its standard-issue rifle
    Picture of the Israeli IWI Galil ACE Assault Rifle
    The all-modern incarnation of the classic Israeli "Galil" Assault Rifle is the Galil ACE
    Picture of the South Korean Daewoo K201 under-barrel grenade launcher
    The South Korean K201 UBGL series follows the American M203 line in both form and function
    Picture of the US Navy USS Kearsarge BB-5 dreadnought battleship
    The turn-of-the-last-century saw the USN introduce the USS Kearsarge BB-5 Dreadnought battleship
    Picture of the Australian WW2 Rover Light Armoured Car
    Local Australian industry was forced to create the Rover Light Armoured Car of World War 2
    Picture of the South African RG-31 Nyala MRAP vehicle
    Security elements, special forces and the regular army have all benefited from the RG-31 MRAP
    Picture of the South Korean Daewoo K14 sniper rifle
    The S&T K14 provides a standardized and homegrown sniper solution for South Korea
    Picture of the US Navy Nasty-class Patrol Boat Fast vessels
    PTF strength numbered twenty boats for the United States Navy during the Vietnam War
    Picture of the Czechslovakian Tancik vz. 33 tankette
    Born from the successful British Carden-Loyd, the Tancik vz. 33 offered little for the Czechs in WW2