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WW1 Weapons

Nearly 400 weapons of World War 1 organized by categories of weapon type.

World War 1 weapon categories
M113 Armored Personnel Carrier
Machine Guns of the World
WW2 D-Day Invasion Weapons Listing
Picture of the FS Jeanne d Arc Helicopter Carrier
A 46-year career greeted the FS Jeanne d'Arc Helicopter Carrier of the French Navy
When the French Navy required an all-modern aircraft carrier during the tumultuous... More >>>
Picture of the M5 76mm anti-tank gun
The American 76mm M5 Anti-Tank gun was limited across the mobile fronts of World War 2
Since British and French tanks made their presence along the West Front during... More >>>
Picture of the Ram Kangaroo armored personnel carrier
Ram Kangaroo - this little-remembered Canadian WW2 contribution proved sound
The "Kangaroo" name in Canadian Army service covered a group of Armored Personnel... More >>>
Picture of the KAI KUH-1 Surion medium-lift transport helicopter
Modernization to South Korea's helicopter fleet has arrived with the KAI KUH-1 Surion
Korea Aerospace Industries (KAI) is largely recognized in military markets for its... More >>>
Picture of the Type 63 Self-Propelled Air Defense Vehicle
The Type 55 gun mated to the T-34 tank hull became the Chinese Type 63 SPAAG
The Type 63 was a self-propelled, tracked anti-aircraft defense system... More >>>
Picture of the M107 Self-Propelled Artillery
Developed alongside the M110, the M107 SPA also served during the Vietnam War
Developed alongside the storied M110 Self-Propelled Howitzer was the M107... More >>>
Picture of the Armstrong Whitworth AW.52 flying wing
A rare British attempt at a flying wing became the Armstrong Whitworth AW.52
Flying wings were not strictly the domain of the Americans and German during World War... More >>>
Picture of the Kamov Ka-22 gyrodyne helicopter prototype
The Soviets attempted vertical take-off with forward flight through its Ka-22 gyrodyne
Since the prospect of vertical flight became established during the 1940s and evolved... More >>>