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WW2 American paratrooper weapons

The American paratrooper of WW2 evolved much in the years of fighting that made up the conflict.

WW2 American Airborne Infantry weapons
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WW2 Cruiser Tanks
Picture of the Turkish Army MKEK JNG-90 bolt-action sniper rifle
The Turkish Army went the local route when fulfilling a 7.62x51mm sniper rifle requirement - the JNG-90
The nation of Turkey has made great recent strides in modernizing its land, sea, and air forces... More >>>
Picture of the Romanian Army TR-580 Main Battle Tank
The local Romanian Army take on the classic T-55 MBT became the TR-580 Main Battle Tank
The TR-580 existed as a local Romanian offshoot of the popular Soviet-era T-55 Main Battle... More >>>
Picture of the Daewoo K11 combination assault weapon
The K11 represents a combination assault weapon system for South Korean military forces
Similar in project scope to the abandoned American XM29 OICW system is the South Korean... More >>>
Picture of the CSS Georgia Civil War Ironclad
CSS Georgia was destroyed by her owners during the Union march on Savannah
Lacking the resources and finances of the Union North, the Confederate South was forced to look... More >>>
Picture of the Indian Navy INS Arihant S73 ballistic missile submarine
INS Arihant S73 leads her class as a new indigenous Indian nuclear-powered ballistic missile submarine
With a burgeoning military-industrial complex all its own, the nation of India has undertaken a myriad... More >>>
Picture of the Russian Indian Air Force Ilyushin IL-214 tactical military transport
The Ilyushin IL-214 is an ongoing joint Russian-Indian tactical military transport venture
As with China and Turkey, India is striving to join the ranks of prominent world powers by becoming a... More >>>
Picture of the Turkish Army MKEK MPT battle rifle automatic weapon
The newest Turkish assault weapon replaces a collection of aged, outgoing types
The nation of Turkey has made great recent strides in modernizing its land, sea, and air forces... More >>>
Picture of the Douglas A-1 Skyraider strike aircraft
The Douglas Skyraider made a name for itself over the skies of Korea and Vietnam
Throughout World War 2 (1939-1945) the United States Navy (USN) - like the United States Air Force... More >>>
Picture of the American T18 Boarhound 8x8 wheeled armored car
The T18 Boarhound armored car was more or less a failed design of World War 2
The T18 "Boarhound" emerged from a two-part United States Army Ordnance requirement which... More >>>
Picture of the French Nieuport 12 biplane fighter
The French biplane fighter of World War 1 continually evolved - hence the Nieuport 12 series
Air superiority became a back-and-forth affair for the air services involved in World War 1 (1914-... More >>>