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  • "Know thy self, know thy enemy. A thousand battles, a thousand victories." - Sun Tzu

    MilitaryFactory showcases a comprehensive listing of military weapons and equipment from past wars, present conflicts, and future engagements. The information provided through this singular source allows for a unique insight into the many aspects of modern warfare as well as a glimpse into the battlefield of tomorrow.

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      Arsenal-Delanne 10 (1941)  
    Picture of the French Arsenal-Delanne 10 biplane fighter prototype
      Aerocentre NC.1080 (1949)  
    Picture of the French Aerocentre NC.1080 navy fighter prototype
      Geschutzpanzer 39H(f) (1942)  
    Picture of the German Geschutzpanzer 39H(f) Hotchkiss tank destroyer
      Juan Carlos I (2010)  
    Picture of the Spanish Juan Carlos I amphibious support ship